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About the Pharmacy 100 Club

The Pharmaceutical Society of Western Australia, as custodians of the J M O’Hara Research Fund, has a vision to become a recognised major facilitator for pharmacy research and practice development in Western Australia. —


The Commitment

  • To achieve this, we are seeking to put together a core group of at least 100 pharmacists to commit to an annual, tax deductible donation to the JMOHRF, of $1000 for 5 successive years. This will provide the JMOHRF with the working capital base to ensure not only current funding but also drive future funding from both within and outside the profession.


The Reward

  • All the Pharmacy 100 Club patrons will be recognised as benefactors of the JMOHRF through research communication, provided with updates on the research projects and their outcomes, and invited to any launch or fundraising functions.


The Direction

  • In deciding on research grants the committee of the JMOHRF provides a broad perspective on Pharmacy research that not only considers traditional research projects but also reflects a contemporary view of research that incorporates community pharmacy based aspects of pharmacy practice. The committee’s expertise covers community practice, hospital and academic based areas.


The Pride

  • This is your opportunity to not only repay the profession, but also make a positive impact on the health of all Western Australians.

  • In terms of a life-time in the profession the financial commitment is relatively small, but the benefits in recognition of the profession, our Society and the positive health outcomes can be enormous.


The Next Step

  • Make a commitment today and the PSWA will establish you as part of the JMORF Pharmacy 100 Club and ensure your recognition in the future of the profession.


Pharmacy 100 Club Members —


Greg Allen

Ian Barron

David Biancuzzo

Kim Brotherson

Amanda Bryce

Giovanna Cecchele

Craig Clark

Mark Connor

Michael Courtis

Joanne Cruickshank

Greg Da Rui

Luke Dillon

Michael Dillon

Aleck Dove

Ron Dymock

Lyndon Dyson

Noel Fosbery

Fiona Gardiner

Gary Gascoigne

Kevin Gianatti

Henry Gulev

Rowland Hill

Linda Keane

Barbara Kent

James Koios

Nigel Krummel

Jeff Leach

Steve Lewis

John Lindquist

Geoff Ludkins

Greg MacKenzie

David Manuel

Tony Maricic

Anthony Masi

Michelle McAnuff

Francine Middleton

Lenette Mullen

Graeme Murray

Andrew Ngeow

Tina Pasyar

Donna Pearson

Ernie Pirone

Susann Povey

Joe Ranallo

Paul Rees 

Matthew Reid

Aaron Sangalli

Celia Sansom

Vince Scanlan

Dean Schulze

Marc Segler

Tom Silvan

Gordon Smith

Michael Spartalis

David Speak

Adrian Staltari

Laura Stewart

Mauro Stocco

Sun Chuan Tan

Natalie Willis

Phil Willis

Stephen Wragg