Include a gift in your will  —

Thank you for considering making a bequest to the Pharmaceutical Society of Western Australia (PSWA) to support research that improves and saves lives. Leaving a gift in your Will is a way of making a gift that you may not be able to make during your lifetime. Making a bequest in your Will is your plan for the future.

We recommend that you seek legal advice before completing your Will and that you consider your family and loved ones when planning your will.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Western Australia aims to improve the health and well-being of all Western Australians by providing significant funding for research projects each year and your bequest can help to achieve that aim. The J M O’Hara Research Fund was established in 1976 to allow Pharmacists and members of the general public to donate to a long term research fund. The Fund is named in honour of John Michael O’Hara, a past President and long-serving member of the Society’s Council and one of Australia’s most prominent pharmacists.

The Fund provides financial grants for Western Australian based research in pharmaceutical sciences, or in any aspect of pharmacy practice, to PSWA members to encourage and promote studies designed to improve the practice of pharmacy. All members of the profession gain from the outcomes of the research which is aimed at expanding knowledge in any branch of pharmaceutical science or in any aspect of the practice of pharmacy.

A gift to the PSWA in your will could be used to help fund the next JM O’Hara Research Fund recipient. If you would like to consider other uses for your bequest, please contact us so that we can help to ensure that your wishes are possible and are implemented.

For more information, you can download our Bequest Information Booklet here and you can read more about the JM O’Hara Research Fund here

Detailed information for Solicitors and Lawyers is available here. 


Types of gifts —

You can make different types of gifts in your Will to the PSWA including:

  • A residuary gift – what is left of your estate once all other gifts and costs have been paid
  • A pecuniary gift – a gift of a specific amount
  • A percentage gift – a specific proportion of your estate
  • A gift of assets  -  gifts of assets such as shares, property or real estate


Unspecified/Specified Gifts —

An unspecified gift, because of its flexibility, allows the PSWA to meet the changing needs of the future.  Unspecified gifts will be allocated to the JM O’Hara Research Fund. If you request that your gift is used for a different purpose, the PSWA will make every effort to respect your wishes.  If situations change over the years and it’s not possible to follow your wishes, the PSWA will consult with your Executor or family and use your gift for the most relevant related purpose.

We encourage you to seek legal advice and to consider your family and loved ones when writing your Will. You can be very proud of your decision to leave a bequest to the Pharmaceutical Society of Western Australia and we encourage you to talk about your plans with your family.

The following general wording can be used as the basis for a gift to the Pharmaceutical Society of Western Australia in your Will. You will also find suggested wording for more specific clauses here.

 “I give to the Pharmaceutical Society of Western Australia Inc. (insert the details of your gift) and I direct that the receipt of the Secretary of the Pharmaceutical Society of Western Australia Inc. will be sufficient discharge to my Executor/Trustee.” 

Thank you again for considering how you would like to make a difference by leaving a gift in your Will to the Pharmaceutical Society of Western Australia. If you would like further information please contact us for a confidential discussion.

The Secretary – Jocelyn Sisson