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The Pharmaceutical Society of Western Australia (PSWA) was formed in 1892 and has served the community and the pharmacy profession continually since that time —

Legislation enacted in 1894 established the Council of the Society as a statutory body charged with management of the Society and administration of pharmacy and poisons legislation.  It fulfilled the poisons requirement until 1964, and administered pharmacy legislation until 2010. The Council was dissolved in 2010 however the Society continues to operate as an incorporated association and is managed by a Board elected by its members. The PSWA currently has over 2500 members.

PSWA Board Members

PSWA Board Members

In 2013, in accordance with a resolution of the members, an agreement with the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) was entered into allowing existing PSWA members to transition as full members of PSA.  Assets and lease of the premises at 21 Hamilton Street were provided as part of the agreement allowing PSA to establish a WA Branch and become a true national organisation representing the pharmacy profession.  This came into effect on 1 January 2014 .


PSWA, as owners of the premises and custodians of the J M O’Hara Research Fund, continues to operate as an incorporated association and is guided by the following statements —

Our Vision
A recognised major facilitator for pharmacy research and practice development in Western Australia.

Our Mission
To benefit the health of Western Australians by investing in pharmacy research, practice and education.

The objects of PSWA are:

  • To advance and encourage the study and practice of pharmacy and all branches of science and knowledge allied thereto in Western Australia by persons ordinarily resident in Western Australia;

  • To provide scholarships, financial assistance and other support for persons ordinarily resident in Western Australia in the study of pharmacy and pharmaceutical research;

  • To establish awards and prizes and other forms of recognition for excellence in the practice, research or study of pharmacy;

  • To advocate for or otherwise represent pharmacists practising in Western Australia in relation to issues affecting the practice of pharmacy or the pharmaceutical profession in the State;

  • To give assistance and support to Similar Entities;

  • To act as trustee of any fund established for the furtherance of the pharmaceutical profession, including by pharmaceutical research and the study and practice of pharmacy in Western Australia and for any other purpose authorised by these Objects.

  • To support the preservation of the history and heritage of pharmacy in Western Australia; and

  • To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.