Call for nominations to the board of management

The Pharmaceutical Society of Western Australia Inc. (PSWA) hereby calls for nominations to its board of management (Board). In accordance with section 10.9 of the PSWA’s constitution two (2) positions on the current Board will become vacant at the conclusion of the 2018 Annual General Meeting.

In order to be eligible for election as a PSWA Board member nominees must be an ordinary member, life member, honorary member or fellow of the PSWA. Retiring board members are eligible for nomination and re-election. Intern members of the PSWA are not eligible for election to the board.

The retiring board members are:

·         Mr Dean Schulze

·         Mr Richard Smirk

Both directors offer themselves for re-election.

Members seeking election to the PSWA’s Board must be nominated by two other ordinary, life or honorary members or fellows of the PSWA via the attached nomination form. Nominees must consent to their nomination for election to the PSWA’s Board and answer the questions on the declaration form to confirm that they are not restricted from acting as a PSWA Board member under sections 39 and 40 of the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 (the Act). The PSWA is an incorporated association for the purposes of the Act and is bound by its requirements.

As the PSWA’s constitution places limitations on the number of elected Board members who are also members of a board or committee of management of a Similar Entity (e.g. PGA, PSA, SHPA) nominees are asked to declare whether they hold such a position with a Similar Entity.

Nominees must be aware that these are board positions and not advisory or sub-committees, and directors will be held accountable to the same legal responsibilities and duties as would a director of a publicly listed company. Further information regarding the responsibilities and duties of directors can be found at and Members elected to the PSWA’s Board will be required to attend the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ Foundations of Directorship course within six months of appointment (if not previously completed within the last five years).

Members elected to the PSWA’s Board will also be required to comply with all aspects of the Act, and the PSWA’s constitution, policies and guidelines as in effect from time to time. Prior to nominating for election to the Board members should familiarise themselves with the PSWA’s Board Protocol and Board Code of Conduct, both of which can be accessed at

Completed nomination forms must be received at the PSWA’s office located at 21 Hamilton Street, Subiaco 6008 no later than 5.00 pm on 21 March 2018. Late nominations will not be accepted. If the number of nominees for election to the Board exceeds the number of vacancies a ballot will be conducted by the Returning Officer, Ms Jocelyn Sisson. Nominees for election to the PSWA’s Board are invited to submit a recent photograph and a short biographical statement and/or statement of policies (not exceeding 200 words each). These will be used to compile a description of candidates to be distributed with ballot papers should a ballot be required.

Any queries regarding the nomination process for election to the PSWA’s Board should be directed to the returning officer via

Jocelyn Sisson